Broadband Portable First Reflection Point Absorber

The lighter fluffy pink fiberglass in the front should be good for high angles of incidence.
The denser rigid rockwool in the back (RHF-80) should be good for additional absorbtion.
Planned mounting is to sit it on the floor or on a specially built table about 1' from a wall
When finished it weighs 38 pounds (17kg).
The beams through the middle give it strength at the handles for lifting.
Back in March the plan was to put it inside a black MDF frame -- which would not have been portable and enclosed the sides from absorbtion.
In November the plan was to have metal wire to keep the fluffy pink fiberglass in place, but it didn't expand to 9.25" as advertised so there was little pressure, nor any reason to include the wire which was heavy.

March 18 2004

November 3 2004

November 17 2004

November 27 2004

November 28 2004