Dave Portocarrero Trap

As for plans/details, there were/are none and I just sort of "winged it" or "flew by the seat of my pants" if you will. - Basically what I did was this;
1) I beveled the two long edges of the 24"x48" boards to 45 degree angles ( so they would lay flush across a corner ).You can go ahead and cut as many of these as you need to do all your corners from floor to ceiling.
(2) Mark the back edge of your front panels on the walls surrounding the corners to be trapped and "fill" this area - I did this by glueing 3" 703 directly to the walls. I cut the panels so as to get to the point where I could use the cut "bevels" to fill the voids between the front panel and the side walls ( there is an illustration in my photos folder on the yahoo site - you can see these "bevel cuts" just behind the front panels and in front of the side panels ).
(3) Once the sides were covered floor to ceiling, I applied 3M spray adhesive to the front edges of the side panels and the back & side edges of the front panel ( the illustration highlights this ) and glued them up. I used colored burlap to cover the front panel. I used 3M spray adhesive - apply to front face of panel and the fabric, let it "tack up" for a minute or so, lay on and smooth out -very easy. I wrapped the fabric around the 45 degree edge just about a half inch or so( be careful when you measure out the fabric - you don't want it to be short, but you don't want it to be too wide either or it'll want to bunch up on the edges - once you get it glued up you can trim the edges before tucking them in).
(4) Once this is all done, you should have a fairly complete looking corner trap - in my case I trimed out the vertical edges with 3/4" quarter round molding and 1x cherry top and bottom "caps" ( all the rest of the trim in my studio is cherry so that's what I used here - obviously you can use what ever suits your fancy ). So, that's pretty much it. the first one took me the longest to do 'cause I was learning as I went, but once I was "cookin'" I finished 6 traps/bb absorbers in about 3 or 4 evenings. I hope this helps, and I think I'll copy this text and paste it into my folder