Sirquack's black felt covered Superchunks

I just finished my 8ft high 17" x 17" x 24" superchunk bass traps for the rear corners next to my HT Screen. I used OC 703 and built some frames out of 1" x 2" pine that I covered with black felt.
The room is about 30ft x 31ft overall, however, the HT portion is set back in one corner about 6ft, so really it is kinda L shaped. The back wall where the screen resides is 15ft wide and sits back 6ft to make it more private. After that 6ft, it opens up into the larger room. I also have 9ft ceilings.

Below is a before/after graph, what do you all think. I think overall, there is some good improvement. I do notice a difference when I listen to music now, only with these 2 traps.

Off the top of my head the mains are about 22-23" from the front wall (the Axioms are 15" deep) and are about 26" from the side walls. I also have them toed in a bit, maybe to far? I saw on a website a picture where all the speakers point right at the prime listening position. I've never toed my mains in this much. Even if my Axioms are facing straight forward, the soundstage is great. In both situations the SPL meter was placed on a tripod in my center recliner, exactly where my ears would be. This is also exactly 38% back from the front wall. This is an old picture that does not include the above bass traps, in addition, the center channel is now mounted up further on the wall right below the screen.